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About Klaas

I'm a NAV profesional, down to earth and with a strong comprehension of Dynamics Nav. I'm dedicated to optimize the usage of the Dynamics NAV ERP systems for companies, to get the perfect balance between business requirements and solutions. I achieved this by using Microsoft Dynamics Nav in a smart way in the projects I have been involved.

It is not
the facts,
but the
of the facts

We can both see the same, but we can have different thoughts about it. During three years, I developed with colleagues in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) an integrated standardized solution for the Waste branch. It was for me a learning period on both, professional and personal level. I like to observe the Western and Eastern cultures, specially the different ways of collective thinking within a community. I adapted new values as a professional,

but in my private live as well. It was a wonderful and exciting time. It became very clear to me that there is a gap between how communities measure facts and events, whereby the perception of the facts the most important is.
During my job as a controller at a middle-sized Waste company, there was a strong demand for more control. Management asked for more useful management information. I was responsible for the IT and from that point of view, I was facing the challenge to get this done. The company was in a period of rapid expansion. The different solutions which we had made in Access, Excel and C# did not fulfill the new requirements of a total, company wide, consistent solution. Although Access and Excel are extremely powerful when benefiting from the VBA code, we came to the conclusion that we needed a more robust solution. The organization had become too big for such fragmented solutions. There was a need for a drastic change, and last but not least, the management itself had the intention to improve this because the lack of control and key information had become very critical for the capabilities to improve profit and guarantee the company's continuity.

And after I meet Navision

It was quick clear to me that Navision was a very useful tool for middle-sized companies. Many general functions are standardized in the application. After a time of an inventory of the company's requirements we made a convincingly decision to go for it. Therefore, in 2005 I took a dive into the world of Navision. After 3 months, I was totally focused on the Navision application.

Simple is beatiful

I added functions to the application to adopt all the requirements. After 9 months of programming, implementing and education, we were ready to go live. It became a huge success. And since then I didn’t leave this world.

My perception

The client's business requirements are the ultimate starting and ending point. During the years, I became more and more excited about the enormous possibilities you have with Navision. Not the tool, but optimizing the business process, is the most important target. Supporting the management by improving control and provision of good management information must me be the main guidance.

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