Why upgrade?

We hope we can take away the fear to make the decision to upgrade so you can fully benefit the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav. There are many improves functionalities and new features in the latest releases. To avoid any interference with new operating systems and infrastructure changes you need to upgrade to the latest technical state. Upgrading your ERP is an essential part of maintaining you are IT demands.

The update process

Roughly spoken, the upgrade areas divide itself into two parts, the standard nav application and the dedicated objects. Modified objects in the standard nav application need another approach then the dedicated objects.
For the standard objects we need first to get the Delta (all modifications of these objects). This delta we merge in to the new nav standard. Thereby we carefully check the latest design patterns to improve the readability of the code by other programmers. The goal is that every experienced Nav developer can find his way in the application.
Dedicated objects are less time consuming, nevertheless it need also to be converted. Depending on the existing code, there is more or less effort needed.

Forms and reports

The forms and reports need seriously attention during the upgrade process when we upgrade from a version before the 2009. With the introduction of the middle tier, some processes are no longer executed at the client side but on the server side. Some technical functions are no longer available in the new versions. On the other hand, we have a lot of new technical functionalities in the pages of the new versions. Now we have role center pages, which is a completely new type, it is the first page when a user execute the application. Another examples are the matrix forms which need another approach. But also the info pane becomes independent fact boxes.

Reports have now the rdlc layout which the dataset, which are two separated parts. The dataset for a report must be generated first, and after that the report services execute the printout. The client report definition must be made in a report designer, and need the most time to achieve the desired output. The dataset generator needs also human interaction to simplify the code. The output of the converting tools is not very satisfying.

New default functions

There is the possibility that the old custom made functions already are in the new comprehensive functionality of Nav 2015 and that therefore the code can be skipped. Or that with a little modifications of a new functions the desired functionality can be achieved.


When upgrading your application it is considerable to look to the correct approach, because sometimes it is not possible to integrate the old code into the new application. The history of many Microsoft Dynamics Nav applications is that often many modifications be made by request of diver users and often quick and cheap is done. Sometimes there is a strong need for a redesign. We detect the problem areas and communicate first with the client how to solve the problems.
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