Reports are used to print some information. Summarized information for internal use, but also reports can be used to print documents such as invoices. Document Reports are types of reports that are usally send outside the company. This are documents which need addapted to the corporate identity.

Because of the way the human brain processes information, it is faster for people to grasp the meaning of many data points when they are displayed in charts and graphs rather than poring over piles of spreadsheets or reading pages and pages of reports.

Visualizations help people see patterns that were not obvious to them before.
Data visualization makes interpretation easier. It presents the data in a way that the reader can easily interpret, saving time and energy. Charts and graphs like the business chart simplifies the data and make it easier for decision makers.

Only instinct isn’t good enough. We can find out by analyzing data if what we think or believe, is really true. The discovery of meaningful patterns in data is importend. Why ? Because the discoveries of patterns opens possibilities, oppertunities. We can make decesions fact-based. In the latest decenia the introduction and improvement of RDLC client makes this much easier.
Dimensions allow you to enrich the information you record daily. Dynamics NAV provide the use of dimension throughout the application. It is the primairy tool to get the wright data using in meaningfull reporting.

" Seems obvious, right? "
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