We develop hybrid solutions for organizations that require customization of the standard Dynamics NAV. Dynamics Nav is the most popular accounting and ERP system of the world in the mid-market. Our starting and ending point are the requirements of the customer. As addition to the more traditional and widespread standard NAV we secure a standardization of your own business processes and reporting. It is a matter of building a house upon the main software (Dynamics NAV) we do this quickly and to a high standard.

We rely on one very strong principal. In everything we do, we keep it simple as possible. It is important to watch every step in the proces, to reduce turn-around time by project management that is fully micro-managed, and communication in a direct way.

There are big and small projects. Small one, like building a single report can be fixed in fewer steps. When we have a bigger project we need to take steps in a conscious way. 
The first step in a development cycle is
to taste the culture of a company. Therefore we like to have meetings at youre office. In several interviews with the managemant and/or key users who understand the business very well we collect the requirements. The next step is to analyze it, and get the proposal how to solve the needs. After we have a clear view about the desired solution we meet again, and discuse the options.

To get started with the development, we install a copy of an existing database on our server, which only shall be used for the development. Our Nav Developers customize the objects whithout interrupting the daily processes. While using real data, we have more recognition with the situation in youre company.

After the development is finished, and the solution is tested, the modified objects shall be installed
in the live database. If additional elemantary setups are needed, they will be filled up, and the database is ready to used it’s new functions.

After install the new functionality, the users can use the application. Before users get used to the new functions, the need to know how to used it. Often they need support.There are clear instructions and we are stand by for a backup call to ensure you that it all is working to its fullest potential.

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